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Learn from special guest speakers who have built big businesses.

Grow your business and yourself with accelerated learning programs.

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What is Club Seven?

Club Seven is a business community specifically built for owners and managers of businesses turning over more than $1M per annum in revenue. Club Seven consists of 3 key elements - CORE, ELITE and RETREATS.


CORE is where club members & guests get together over lunch to connect with each other, learn from great speakers and generate new business opportunities. CORE events run every 4-6 weeks in various locations, and guests get the chance to trial one CORE event before making a decision to become a club member.


ELITE is a specialist peer to peer advisory group which meets every month in groups of 10 to discuss business challenges, opportunities and ideas to help business owners move forward. These groups are facilitated by an expert in human and business performance, and are for those business owners that want to explore the depths of their possibilities.


RETREATS (coming soon!) are designed to take business owners out of their day to day environment and take them to a beautiful place to rejuvenate and work on their business rather than in it. RETREATS are launching in the second half of 2019.

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 See what members are saying about Club Seven

“I joined Club Seven because I wanted to grow my business and learn directly from the business owners who have already been there and done it.”

Anna Porter - Suburbanite

“True connections are made, the conversation is relevant and valuable to my business, and the standard very high so it makes me want to be better.”

Melissa Robson - Divine Creative

“We generated our largest ever lead from the Club Seven network - 8 figures in total.”

Leigh Dunsford - Waddle

“This is an awesome Business Club that is helping organisations grow and thrive.”

Craig Bulmer - Human Interactions

“Superb food & drinks, great company, very well structured and the key note speakers are always quality with a lot of knowledge to share and learn from, always a real highlight.”

Nick Holden - Modular Walls

“Such a great and targeted event. The key note speakers are high end and very knowledgeable. 
Short, sharp and to the point with a quality lunch and venue.”

Dean Leek - Recovery Partners

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