The Elite Program

The Ultimate in Business Performance.

What is the Elite Program?

Imagine what it would it be like to work with a team of other successful business owners to help you achieve your goals faster. The Elite Program does exactly that. Your Elite team will hold you accountable for your success, under the guidance of a master facilitator and a structured program. The Elite Program is only for business owners already turning over more than $1M in revenue, so it’s for people who are serious about their personal and business growth.

How does the Elite Program work?

The Elite Program is a membership based, facilitated, 10 person, peer to peer advisory and accountability group which meets every month for 10 months of the year to discuss business challenges, opportunities and ideas to help you move forward and reach your business goals.

Elite groups are facilitated by an expert in human and business performance, and are for those business owners that are truly committed to personal and business growth, and want to explore the full depths of their possibilities in a supportive, structured environment.

Elite groups are put together strategically to ensure there are no conflicts within the group and to ensure the best chance of success for all members.

Who can join the Elite Program?

  • Business Owners who turn over more than $1M in revenue per annum

  • Business owners who want both personal and business growth

  • Business owners who are willing to share information and help others grow

What does an Elite meeting look like?

Meetings run for 4 hours between 8am and 12pm with breakfast included. Here’s a typical breakdown of an Elite meeting:

7:45am to 8:00am - Members Arrive
8:00am to 8:15am - Breakfast Served
8:15am to 10:00am - Worksheet Discussions
10:00am to 10:15am - Bathroom/Coffee Break
10:15am to 12:00pm - Opportunity/Challenge Discussions
12:00pm - Meeting Concludes


“I was able to solve a problem worth $500K to me during a single Elite meeting.”

Anna Porter - Owner, Suburbanite

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 Trial the Elite Program for FREE

Immerse yourself in business.

We offer a free trial of the Elite Program for suitable candidates, to make sure you are the right fit for your group. Simply complete the form at the end of this page and one of our team will be in touch to discuss further.

After the trial, should you wish to join the Elite Program, simply let us know so we can issue you a 12 month agreement, with payment being either monthly or annually (save 20%).

Your investment in the Elite Program is $400/month + GST or $4,000/year + GST if paid annually.

As an Elite Program member, you’ll get to meet with your Elite Team for 10 months of the year at 4 hours per meeting, between February and November. You’ll also get access to a host of other benefits with Club Seven including:

  • Discounted tickets to Lunch & Learn events

  • Access to the Elite Christmas Party

  • Access to Annual Retreats


 “I’ve been facilitating these sorts of groups for the past 15 years and the personal and business growth I’ve seen is extraordinary.”

Craig Bulmer - Head Facilitator, Club Seven

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Meet your head Facilitator

Craig Bulmer - People & Performance Specialist.

Craig is an expert in getting the best performance out of business owners, and has worked with businesses ranging in size from $1M to $400M over the past 15 years.

Some of Craig’s client’s include Firmenich - (2nd largest fragrance house in the world), JC Decaux (the largest outdoor advertising company in the world) and Endress & Hauser (global leader in process measurement and instrumentation).

Craig is extremely passionate about helping businesses succeed and has also ridden over 4,000kms for kids charities and run 8 full marathons around the globe. 

Under Craig’s guidance, you will be able to reach new heights in business you never thought possible.


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