Lunch & Learn Events

At Club Seven’s Core.

Lunch & Learn Events are the heart of Club Seven, and it’s where it all began. Existing club members & new guests get together over a series of Lunch & Learn Events to Connect with like minded business people who are on the same journey as you are, Learn the secrets to building a big business from special guest speakers who have already done it, and Grow yourself and your business in a positive, peer to peer environment.

Lunch & Learn Events run every 7 weeks in various locations, and new guests get the chance to trial the club before making a decision to become a club member.

Here is how a typical Lunch & Learn Event looks:

Event Agenda
12:00pm - Doors Open (registration, drinks served, mingling)
12:30pm - Event Officially Begins (members and guests seated)
1:00pm - Lunch Served
1:30pm - Special Guest Speaker
2:10pm - Q&A
2:20pm - Closing Remarks
2:30pm - Event Concludes
3:00pm - Doors Close

What to expect on the day
You’ll be treated to a beautiful sit down lunch complete with drinks with stunning views. You’ll also get the chance to mingle with the entire room at the start of the event, before being seated with 5 other guests over lunch to discuss your business and also learn about theirs. Finally, you’ll get to hear from the special guest speaker, and how they turned their vision into a reality, along with a chance to ask the speaker a question.

What people typically get out of the day
We’ve had a wide variety of comments from members and guests at Lunch & Learn Events. Anything from ‘That was the most amazing business story I’ve ever heard’ to ‘After listening to the speaker, I went straight back to the office and implemented some changes with my team’. One things for sure, our goal is to give business owners as much value as possible as well as real takeaways they can use in their business. Although many people in the room will be feverishly taking notes, every attendee receives a full copy of the speakers interview in their inbox after each event.



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