Club Seven FAQ’s

What is Club Seven?
Club Seven is a business club for businesses turning over more than $1M per annum. Members connect with each other at regular events, learn from businesses owners that have made it big in business, and grow by harvesting new opportunities within the Club Seven community.

What happens at Club Seven events?
Here is a the agenda of a typical Club Seven event:

12:00pm Doors Open (registration, drinks & mingling)
12:30pm Event Officially Begins (members & guests are seated, mc welcome speech, starters served)
12:40pm New Member Introductions (new members introduce themselves to the room)
12:50pm Table Introductions (attendees introduce themselves to their table)
1:00pm Lunch Served (open table discussions)
1:30pm Special Guest Speaker (tea & coffee served)
2:10pm Speaker Q&A (your chance to ask the speaker a question)
2:20pm Club Announcements (upcoming events, special offers, closing remarks)
2:30pm Event Concludes

Who can join Club Seven?
Anyone involved in an established businesses, with staff, turning over more than $1M per annum in revenue.

What types of businesses can join Club Seven?
Our members range from builders to digital marketing agencies to software companies to manufacturers. As long as they are a real business, with staff and a premises, and turn over more than $1M, they are eligible to become Club Seven members.

Why do you only let businesses turning over $1M into the club?
There's lots of help out there for micro businesses, startups and sole traders, but nothing for established businesses who have mastered the basics and want to take their business to the next level. We want to erase the old saying of "It's lonely at the top", and give established businesses a place to connect, learn & grow. That is the heart of Club Seven.

I meet the membership criteria but only want to attend every once in a while. Can I do that?
No. We do give businesses the chance to trial the club once before joining, however membership is a 12 month deal. If you are truly committed to growing your business, and like what we offer, you will need to purchase a club membership.

How is Club Seven different to other business groups?
Firstly all our members turn over more than $1M in revenue (hence the name Club Seven for seven figures). Secondly, our venues are first class (no buffet's in a dark room!). Thirdly, we bring in speakers who have made it big in business, to come and tell their story of success (some of our speakers have been involved in building billion dollar entities).

How much does membership cost?
Core membership consists of a one-off joining fee of $800 and $250/month for 12 months, totalling $3,800 including GST. Elite membership is an additional $250/month. You must be core member to purchase an elite membership. You can also save 10% by paying for 12 months upfront.

If I join as a member, can I attend multiple locations?
Your membership is club based (per location), however you do get the opportunity to trial other club locations once as a guest before applying for membership to that particular club location. In other words, if you wish to be a member of multiple club locations, you will have to hold multiple club memberships.

Where is Club Seven located?
Club seven currently operates at various locations across Sydney and we plan to expand throughout Australia. Please view our Upcoming Events page to see if there is a club operating near you.

Do members get anything else in their membership apart from the monthly events?
Yes. Members get access to our closed Facebook group, as well as our Member Portal, which includes event photos, speaker videos, attendee lists and more. Members also get the chance to join Club Seven Elite, a facilitated environment designed to get the most growth out of your business and yourself.

What types of speakers do you get at Club Seven?
The best of course! We only accept speakers that have either built a large business (typically $10M+), or business experts who can offer extreme value to our members through their expertise on a particular subject.

How do I apply for my membership?
Simply complete your details our Club Membership page, and we will issue you an online membership proposal, which you will need to accept and enter your preferred payment method, which is a choice of Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard) or Direct Debit.

If I want to join multiple club locations, do I have to pay an additional application fee?
No, your application fee is a one-off payment, and as long as you maintain an active membership at one club, you will only have to pay the monthly membership fee for any additional clubs.

How often do Club Seven events run?
Please view our Upcoming Events page to view event dates and locations.