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 Club Seven Membership

Your journey begins here.

Club Seven is a membership based business club for owners and managers of private businesses with more than $1M in revenue who are looking to grow. With a Club Seven membership, you’ll be able to Connect with like minded business people who are on the same journey as you are, Learn the tips to building a big business from special guest speakers who have already done it, and Grow yourself and your business in a positive, peer to peer environment.

What you’ll get as a club member:
All inclusive access to 7 Lunch & Learn Events per year (Core Members)
Complimentary, full length speaker videos (Core Members)
The chance to pitch your business at a Lunch & Learn event (Core Members)
Event attendee lists (Core Members)
All inclusive access to 10 Elite meetings per year (Elite Members)
Complimentary books recommended by our special guest speakers (All Members)
Complimentary Branding throughout the Club Seven digital channels (All Members)
Special offers and giveaways from members, partners and sponsors (All Members)
And much, much more!



See What Members Are Saying About Club Seven

“I joined Club Seven because I wanted to grow my business and learn directly from the business owners who have already been there and done it.”

Anna Porter - Suburbanite

“True connections are made, the conversation is relevant and valuable to my business, and the standard very high so it makes me want to be better.”

Melissa Robson - Divine Creative

“This is an awesome Business Club that is helping organisations grow and thrive.”

Craig Bulmer - Human Interactions

“Superb food & drinks, great company, very well structured and the key note speakers are always quality with a lot of knowledge to share and learn from, always a real highlight.”

Nick Holden - Modular Walls

“Such great and targeted events. The key note speakers are high end and very knowledgeable. 
Short, sharp and to the point with a quality lunch and venue.”

Dean Leek - Recovery Partners